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AgDrone UAS

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Quick Overview

The AgDrone system is a completely autonomous UAS for agricultural surveying that comes standard with visible and multispectral cameras for high-resolution imaging and NDVI-based crop stress detection.

Experience autonomous flight and seamless mission planning for fast, accurate, and high resolution aerial surveys

Save time with a complete solution that is tailored directly to your agricultural needs

Future-proof your investment with the ability to integrate new sensors and cameras as they become available

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Product Description

The AgDrone system comes ready to fly with a complete airframe and avionics, fully configured autopilot, mission planning software, and integrated sensors tailored for agriculture.

Complete AgDrone System

  • Flies Two Cameras
  • Rugged Design
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Military Grade Case
  • 800 Acres in One Hour
  • Easy Mission Planning
  • Battery Case & Three Batteries


  • Reinforced Blended Wing
  • Fully Configured Autopilot
  • Protective Landing Skid
  • Long Range Telemetry

Ground Station

  • Lockable Rugged Carry Case
  • Computer with Mission Planner
  • AC/DC 4-Port Charging Station
  • Monitor with Switchable Views


  • 3.1 MP Tetracam ADC Micro
  • 16.1 MP HD Canon Camera
  • Automatic Triggering

Included Accessories

  • 8000 mAh Li-Po Batteries (x 4)
  • Replacement Winglets (x 4)
  • Replacement Propellers (x 4)

HoneyComb's AgDrone system is a complete aerial imaging solution that includes the AgDrone UAV, tablet, carrying case, antennas, batteries, charger, and all other components required for a fully deployable system on day 1. Complete specifications are provided below for our base system, which includes visible and multispectral (NDVI) imaging standard.

Category Object AgDrone UAS
Platform Aircraft Fixed-Wing
Takeoff Weight 4.75lb (2.154kg)
Material EPP & Kevlar Composite exoskeleton
Wingspan 49in (124.46cm)
Powerplant 575W Electric Motor
Battery 8000 mAh 3S LiPo
Software Mission Planning Yes
Autonomous Flight Yes
Autonomous Landing Yes
Fail-Safe Routines Battery usage, battery voltage, radio link,operator intervention
Automatic Dual Camera Triggering Yes
Visible Model 16.1 MP Camera
Coverage Up to 858 acres/flight @ 400 ft
Ground Resolution 1.26 in (3.2 cm) @ 400 ft
Trigger Method Automatic Dual Camera Electrical Signal
Multispectral Model 16.1 MP NDVI Camera
Coverage Up to 858 acres/flight @ 400 ft
Ground Resolution 1.26 in (3.2 cm) @ 400 ft
Trigger Method Automatic Dual Camera Electrical Signal
Performance Cruise Speed 29 mph
Max Speed 51 mph
Linear Travel 26 mi + 5.2 mi safety factor
Communication/Control Range 2.8 mi
Estimated Flight Time Wind 0-5 mph: 55 min + 11 min safety factor
Wind 5-10 mph: 44 min + 9 min safety factor
Wind 10-20 mph: 33 min + 7 min safety factor
Operations Launch Method Hand Launch
Landing Method Skid
Landing Surface Grass, Graded Dirt, Packed Gravel, Pavement
Recommended Landing Space 100 x 400 ft (30 m x 122 m)
Minimum Landing Space 15 x 60 ft (5 x 18 m)
Accessories Transport Case 54.4 x 29.2 x 12 in, Rugged, Waterproof, Lockable
Charger X4 Plus Multicharger (AC/DC)

NDVI image of a Filbert/Hazelnut orchard.
Stressed trees were identified using aerial imagery from the AgDrone UAS.

Crop stress detected in vegetables. A transplant issue was identified (dark) and an irrigation problem caused a dead row (left).

Visible imagery used to check sprinkler line for adequate performance. The entire line was imaged during the flight.

A leak was found in the main irrigation line. Quick identification allowed the farm to fix the issue, saving resources.

Bare spots were identified and measured using aerial imagery. Gaining an aerial view can reveal a powerful perspective.

Get a quick view of your entire flight with fast mosaicking and high-resolution tiling from the AgDrone UAS.

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